Ronnie’s Bathroom Speaker on The Block – Let’s look a little closer

Ronnie Bathroom Speaker on the Block

You may have noticed a very interesting speaker on The Block during this weeks bathroom challenge. Ronnie and Georgia came to a less than amicable decision to invest in a new portable Bluetooth WiFi Speaker to impress the judges and to bring a little (read: a lot!) sound to their bathroom. We’ll admit, it looks […]

Bose SoundTouch and Pandora. A Simple guide now that it has become unavailable in AUS/NZ

Yes, the Pandora music streaming service has closed up shop here in Australia and New Zealand, which for many Bose users can mean the end of their favourite way to listen to music. Are there any viable alternatives when it comes to Bose SoundTouch and Pandora? There are a few options that we will run […]

iPhone 7 Headphone controversy – What does it mean for your listening experience?

For everyone hearing the news coming from last night’s Apple Event, a lot of people are concerned about what the next iteration of the iPhone means for their listening experience. For those not in the know or living under a Samsung shaped rock, Apple has announced that the new iPhone 7 (available 16th September) will not have 3.5mm […]