The Ultimate Sonos Upgrade Experience

Say goodbye to tangled wires and outdated technology.

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Ultimate Sonos Upgrade Experience

Say goodbye to tangled wires and outdated technology.

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At Premium Sound, we are thrilled to introduce our exclusive Sonos Trade-In Program, where you can trade in your existing equipment for a brand-new Sonos system and enjoy a host of unbeatable benefits.

Why Upgrade to Sonos?


Tired of ordinary audio?
Upgrade for an immersive experience!

Elevate your entertainment with cutting-edge technology like Dolby Atmos. Experience movies, music, and games like never before, with crystal-clear, multidimensional sound that surrounds you, making every moment truly captivating.


Fed up with tangled wires?
Upgrade to a wire-free setup!

Say farewell to messy cables and hello to wireless freedom! Sonos systems are designed to seamlessly integrate into your living space, providing a clutter-free environment while delivering top-notch audio performance.


Want music everywhere?
Upgrade to Sonos for whole-home harmony!

Sync your Sonos speakers effortlessly and fill every room with your favourite tunes. With the Sonos app, you can create zones, play different songs in different rooms, or synchronise music throughout your entire home for a unified audio experience.


Struggling with complex controls?
Upgrade for intuitive, easy management!

Enjoy the simplicity of controlling your Sonos system from your smartphone or tablet. The user-friendly app grants you access to your music library, streaming services, and even allows you to adjust the sound to your preferences, all with a few taps.

Discover Sonos: A Symphony of Innovation

Sonos is renowned for its exceptional features, all of which make it a frontrunner in the world of premium sound:
Trueplay Tuning: Automatically optimizes the sound for your space, ensuring every note sounds just as the artist intended, regardless of the room’s acoustics.
Voice Control: Seamlessly integrate with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your Sonos system using voice commands, adding a whole new level of convenience.
Modular Design: Effortlessly expand your system by adding additional Sonos components to any room, giving you the flexibility to create a personalized setup.

3 steps to trade-in.

Step 01


Provide us with some basic information about your existing equipment using our no-obligation contact form below.

Step 02


Our team of experts will promptly assess your equipment and offer you a competitive trade-in quote. We aim to provide you with the best value for your trade-ins.

Step 03


We’ll discuss a quote of the new system taking into consideration the value of your trade-in items. If you’re happy, it’s a done deal.

Upgrade Your Audio Experience Today!

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to elevate your audio game with Sonos. Experience unparalleled sound quality, effortless control, and a seamless, wireless audio setup for your home. Fill in the contact form now to receive your personalized trade-in quote and embark on an audio journey like never before.
Note: Your information is secure with us. We will only use it to provide you with a trade-in quote and will never share it with any third parties.