Beoremote Halo: Your need-to-know guide

The concept behind Beoremote Halo combines magic, craft and materials with a display to control your Bang & Olufsen music system, but what exactly can this new product do and which existing products will it work with?

The concept:

Beoremote Halo is the perfect product to give you access to your music in a simple and elegant way without having to use your smart device. Designed as an interior piece, with floating volume wheel, it will both blend in and stand out with your interior. Easy volume control comes in the shape of the beautiful aluminium halo ring that surrounds the display screen which magically lights up only when needed.

Practical use:

The idea behind Beoremote Halo operation is simple. First, using the touch display screen select the product you wish to control. You can now toggle between sources (Deezer, TuneIn etc.), select a different product, or you can use the multiroom functionality to “join” whatever is already playing in your multiroom setup.

For volume control, just turn the outer ring left or right – the display will indicate volume levels for you.

Compatible products:

Beoremote Halo will work seamlessly with many products. For example, a set of loudspeakers connected to a Beosound Core, a Beosound Shape and any of the other Flexible Multiroom speakers currently available.

It can also connect with the current range of Beovision TV’s, although it designed suppliment rather than to replace the Beoremote One in this case.

How many will you need? Well, the Beoremote Halo can be connected to up to 10 Bang & Olufsen products at once, but you can also have as many Beoremote Halos as you wish – perhaps one for each room?


If you’re looking for a practical, physical and beautifully tactile way to control your Bang & Olufsen system, the Beoremote Halo is the solution for you. Ask us about how to get a Beoremote Halo quickly and easily connected to your existing system.

Beoremote Halo


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