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What separates us from the brands we sell?
At Premium Sound we look for - and stand by - the quality of the products we stock and believe that service is at the heart of the shopping experience.


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For over 50 years Premium Sound has existed in many forms, changing and adapting, always with the needs of the customer in mind.

We stand by our promises of impeccable customer service, offering the best quality products in the market and a showroom experience based on spending time and freedom of choice.


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Recent Customer Reviews


Upgraded my B&O system recently. Had a great experience with Paul and Dan. Paul was very helpful, professional and has indepth product knowledge. We had a few challenges integrating my B&O CD player to the Beolab 18 but Dan was extremely patient and professional in getting this done. (He even turned up on a Saturday!). All done now and very happy with the professionalism shown by both Paul and Dan.

Kee Liew / Google Review

I've been to Premium Sound St Kilda twice now and both times have walked away informed and happy with my purchases. The staff are pleasant, patient and offer exactly the type of service you expect when buying high end products.

Ben Veenkamp / Google Review

Talk about service, 
I placed an order with Derik today, for Bose stands and a slide connector, I told him I would be leaving for a short trip on Monday if they can arrange express post!!!!!!!
He dropped my order off to me, because My address was on his way home, they were worried it wouldn't reach me in time, you don't get service like that any more, thanks heaps guys keep up the good work.

Alex Le / Facebook Review