We love quality. But why does it matter?

A customer earlier this week asked: “If music’s everywhere* (on my phone, on Spotify etc) and I’ve got a stock standard pair of headphones – why do quality headphones and speakers matter?”. Good question!


*In case you didn’t know about the power of Music Streaming, check out some services like Spotify

To understand the answer to the question, we have to briefly touch on what we value about good music and good sound quality in general. We’ll look at it from the perspective of the collective experience of the staff here at Premium Sound.

We Love Music

We love music so much that we paid for our Vinyls, Tapes and CD’s when that was the norm, and that made perfect sense to us.

There were innovations in the technology (the Sony Walkman for example), but the way we would collect our music didn’t change. It also accounted for a large portion of our entertainment budget – A very significant portion for us!

The most important thing was to HAVE the music. It said something about who we were and our taste.

We Love Innovation

Fast forward a few years and suddenly the iPod and smart phones changed everything. It put all our music – and then all THE music (thank you Spotify!) – on one device in the palm of our hand.

We loved this innovation. But did that change the way we felt about music?

Not really, but in a way it caused a big shift in how we experienced it. Apart from the odd collectors edition, we really didn’t need to purchase the physical albums anymore. We had a good quality digital version available at anytime, just asking for a quality pair of headphones or speakers to listen on.

It was time for the innovation of HOW we listened.

From headphones that provide a gentle soundtrack for the commute home, to wireless speakers that open up the home with music in every room or a system that allows us to enjoy a film at home the way it meant to be heard. This was a big change for us, and one that emphasised the importance of quality.

We Love Quality

So after all that, why does quality matter? With unbridled access to music, TV and movies, it matters how we choose to hear it. To us, this is the way we show how much we still care about what we listen to. 

But don’t think that we are just about the cutting edge – we’ll be looking shortly at some of the gems of the past and how they can integrate with the new ways we listen. We still have those CD’s too, stacked in boxes filling up the garage. There’s still a reason to hold onto them, and we’ll look at why soon.