Sonos Beam Pre-Launch Event

To help celebrate the launch of the new Sonos Beam, we teamed up with Sonos to host a Pre-Launch event for the new product.

Huge Selection of Content

Not only does Sonos support over 50 different streaming services, it’s also one of the first products on the market to support Airplay 2!

That means for any Apple users out their with the latest update, you can send anything on your device to the Beam with Wifi and great a multi-room setup with absolute ease!

HDMI Connection

The new addition of a HDMI connection seems like a no-brainer, but what it allows is something very new and exciting.

The in-built Amazon Alexa feature allows commands to be given to the Beam which can be used to control your TV. We tried the features for turning on the TV, changing volume and playing music, all by only using our voice.

There are plans for more exciting implementations of this feature so stay tuned.

Great size!

Considering the size, we were very much blown away by the volume and quality of the sound that we got from the compact soundbar.

Suitable for more enclosed rooms to allow for the sound to bounce around, this would be a perfect addition to a bedroom, kids room or even a reasonably sized lounge.

Classic Sonos Connectivity

If you’ve used Sonos before, you know how well the App and wireless connectivity work.

Some of the new things we tried with the beam were:

1) Airplay to the Beam, share to other zones

2) Record player into PLAY:5, share record quality sound to multiple zones

3) Hold the play/pause button on Sonos speakers to do a quick join to the nearest playing content. No need to get out the phone.

Available now!


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