Putting the Beoplay A1 portable speaker to the test

I wanted to put the capabilities of the A1 to the test. There has been a lot written about how it is the perfect travel companion – designed to be easy to pack into your bag with up to 24 hours battery and a very impressive sound.

A camping trip and a hike sounded like a good option to test this little speaker, so why not take it to Australia’s highest peak: Mt Kosciuszko.

The drive was long and spirits were high. There were some songs played on the radio and a few excited sing-along’s. After 8 hours’ drive we arrived to our campground in Thredbo, Mt Kosciuszko National Park.

With everything set up, it was time to light the campfire and relax with some food and some good music. The A1 performed amazingly in such a still and calm environment and we were able pair both our phones and share control of the playlist, which is a great feature.

The next day we went on the hike up the mountain. Unfortunately, the wind had picked up considerably and there was no chance of us being able to really use the A1 properly on any of our frequent rest breaks, or even at the summit. The good news is that the weight is so minimal, it didn’t burden me when it was just stayed tucked away safely in my backpack.

Back at camp that night and the wind had died down, but the rain started to spit as we rested about the campfire again. The A1 is dust and weather resistant, so any drips of rain or smoke or dust doesn’t effect it. Just to be safe (and to save us from getting drenched) we took the speaker inside the tent.

The quality in the enclosed space was again, excellent, and we suspect a few of our fellow campers were convinced we were professional musicians, singing and playing our instruments as we hid from the rain.

On the return journey our dodgy radio was not performing so well, so out came the A1 to save the day. We had the volume at max to compensate for the noise of the car and the road. It lost some of the lower end sounds, but still made the trip enjoyable and kept us focused on the road. In those kinds on very loud environments, perhaps the A2 or Beolit 17 would have performed better, but overall, it still worked well.

By the time we returned home, the speaker was still going strong. The whole trip we didn’t need to charge it at all, and over 2 nights and one very long car ride home, it was still kicking.