iPhone 7 Headphone controversy – What does it mean for your listening experience?

For everyone hearing the news coming from last night’s Apple Event, a lot of people are concerned about what the next iteration of the iPhone means for their listening experience.

For those not in the know or living under a Samsung shaped rock, Apple has announced that the new iPhone 7 (available 16th September) will not have 3.5mm headphone jack normally used for connecting headphones to the device.


There has been a lot of criticism of this decision, especially from people who value their listening experience and are not happy with the confusion surrounding the idea that perhaps their wired headphones will not be the ideally compatible with the new phone.




I spoke with June, one the sales consultants from Premium Sound St Kilda to clarify some of the issues surrounding the iPhone 7 announcement and to get some advice on the ideal solution for people wanting to buy the new phone, but who are unsure what it means for their headphones.


What does it mean to you now that Apple are getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack?

Firstly, I think it’s for the better. Headphone jacks and wired headphones have been around for a long time in terms of the technology world. This seems like the next step in the evolution of the product.

As far as headphones manufacturers like Bose, they have already had the technology for a little while now and there are already wireless headphone options on the market in the anticipation of this evolution in phone and music playing devices.

Apple, in the device end of the market, have set the standard as they did with removing the optical drive and Ethernet 

port in some of their computer

products – accessing internet wirelessly and downloading content and programs has well and truly become the norm. As we move towards a more wireless and less physical world this seems like the logical progression for both wireless technology and                  improving the listening experience.

How is the dongle going to work for wired headphones?

The dongle plugs into the Lightning charging port at the bottom of the phone to allow users with wired headphones to still be compatible with the new phone. 

I see it as more of a transition, for those people not ready to give up their wired headphones and also to give the market time to shift in favour of this wireless technology in terms of availability and price. 

It’s a smart move to include this option.



What is the advantage of wireless headphones?

Heaps! Obviously there’s the mobility – you’re not restricted by the cable in any way.

To give a personal example, at the gym when I’m on the treadmill having the Bose Soundsport wireless headphones have some really useful advantages. Firstly, there is the security of being able to have the music device – in my case a phone – safely in my sports bag next to the treadmill whilst still having full function of operation like volume control.

If you use a phone as your audio device like me, it’s also still a phone when you use it wirelessly. If it’s also your mobile work space, you can do everything on there and the wireless headphones just add to the mobility.

Do Wireless Headphones still sound as good? Are there any battery issues with them?

There are a few different wireless products available from Bose. I’ll just mention the two that I use personally. The Bose QC35 wireless headphones are what I use for my travel listening and when I want to listen at home. As wireless, lithium battery powered headphones, the battery life is exceptional. 20 hours of life with no loss of audio quality and if you need, there’s a cable included.

The Bose Soundsport wireless are what I use at the gym and on the run. It’s the convenience of a smaller product that fits in your pocket. If you’re exercising, they are water resistance, they are more rigid cable for added durability and, again, they are wireless but still maintain the full quality of the audio.


I hope that helps clarify some of the issues and gives you a little glimpse of perhaps what to look forward to with the future of wireless technology. But what do you think about the announcement? If you’re thinking of getting the new iPhone, will you be using your wired or wireless headphones?

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Happy listening!