Hands on the iPhone 7 with the Bose QC 35 Wireless Headphones


There are two types of people in the world. Pat, one of the sales staff here at Premium Sound, is an iPhone user.

There’s no doubt that there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the announcement of the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack in the new iPhone 7 (see here). Up until now it’s all been speculation.

Looking for an upgrade, Pat braved the queues to be one of the latest owners of the new iPhone 7 Plus. Arriving at 5am, he was first in line when the doors opened. Now a proud iPhone 7 owner, he went through the iPhone unboxing ritual and tried out the “jack-less” phone with a pair of Bose QC 35 wireless headphones. Here’s what he had to say about the experience.

Hey Pat. So what wireless Bluetooth devices do you like to use?

At home I have a couple of the SONOS Play: 1 Speakers, with the SONOS controller app. I find that they are great for moving between rooms when I’m listening from my phone. I also have a pair of Bose QC 35’s which are my go-to headphones for pretty much any occasion. The battery life on these wireless headphones is actually amazing – they essentially last for a whole week for me on a full charge. Other than the devices, I also like to use Air Drop. It’s a great way to wirelessly send photos from my phone without having to actually connect the device physically. I find them all super convenient.

Wireless is certainly convenient, but is the quality still there?

I haven’t experienced any drop outs or loss of connection which I also think is amazing. I don’t hear any difference in the quality using Bluetooth with my Bose QC 35’s when compared to using the cord. Aside from sound quality, they really are just incredibly comfortable headphones. 

Ok, walk us through the connection process. Is it intuitive?

The Bose QC 35’s support NFC (near field connection – think “payWave”) and it has worked great on some of the Android devices I’ve used before. For the iPhone I use Bluetooth to connect. After you pair for the first time, every other time you power on the headphones it will auto connect to the last device you’ve connected which is super handy. The process goes like this:

  • Enable Bluetooth on your phone and switch on the headset
  • There’s a blue light on the bottom, which means they are now discoverable
  • On your phone select the device and it will give you a prompt to download the Bose connect app if you like, which gives you another way to play your music and give you a few extra options (auto off, connection history, voice prompt settings)
  • And that’s it. From now on your phone will connect to your phone within a second or two of switching them on

What about using the dongle or using the Apple Lightning Connection headphones? Any issues you can see there?

Initially no, it works well and sounds ok – I don’t see any sound quality loss. However, there is a problem surrounding functionality of using of the lightning connection for listening to music. I think there’s a lack of a secure connection in the lightning cord connection that wasn’t an issue in the older iPhone models or in a dedicated headphone jack. My concern would be that any slight tug of the headphone cable would disconnect it and cut the sound instantly – especially if it’s tucked deep in your pocket. 

Secondly, if I’m not using my dongle I’m scared that it may get misplaced, get run through the wash or be lost in my other bag when it comes time to use it. The cost is around $15 and I can see myself having to replace lost dongles in the future. I think it’s just another reason for choosing the wireless option like these Bose QC 35 wireless headphones.

I guess the last question is: so what do you think of the iPhone 7?

Overall, I do love the phone. It’s speedy and responsive and it has a great camera which I’ll be playing around with for a while! For me, it’s definitely a wireless device and I’m more than happy to use it this way. 

Did you buy the new iPhone 7 on launch day? Any thoughts on the wired vs wireless debate? Come in store and check out our range of Bose wireless headphones and try for you yourself. Have a chat with Pat or any of the other helpful sales staff or find us online on social or our website.

Happy listening!