Alexa on Sonos

Alexa on Sonos

Enjoy the incredible sound of Sonos
and the convenience of Amazon Alexa.

Sonos One

Streamline your home with our newest speaker, which has Alexa built right in.

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Sonos One does not support the Alexa features ‘Drop In’, calling and messaging.

Sonos + Echo

Easily connect Alexa to your existing Sonos speakers using an Echo device.

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Voice control for your home sound system.

Phone not nearby? Hands full in the kitchen? Just ask for your favourite artist or station. You can even tell Alexa what song to play by singing the lyrics. And because Alexa responds to any voice, everyone can take charge of the music.

Start the music.
“Alexa, play songs for working out.”

Choose rooms.
“Alexa, play Lorde in the living room.”

Pause and resume.
“Alexa, stop.”
“Alexa, play.”

Adjust the volume.
“Alexa, turn it up.”
“Alexa, volume 6.”

Skip songs.
“Alexa, next.”
“Alexa, previous.”

Listening has never been easier.

Ask Alexa to play music from these featured music services.
Set a default music service in the Alexa app so you don’t have to specify each command.

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Discover music and more.

Use your voice to play radio stations and podcasts. Ask Alexa for recommendations and learn more about the music you love.

“Alexa, what is this song?”

“Alexa, play NPR on TuneIn.”

“Alexa, who’s the lead singer of this band?”

Control your smart home.

Easily control your Alexa-compatible smart home devices. Turn the kettle on without getting out of bed, or dim the dining room lights without lifting a finger.

“Alexa, set the temperature to 21 degrees.”

“Alexa, turn on the living room lights.”

“Alexa, lock the front door.”

Get news and information.

Check traffic, update your to-do list, set timers, find a recipe for dinner and have Alexa look up answers to all your questions as they pop up.

“Alexa, how’s the weather?”

“Alexa, find me a recipe for pad thai.”

“Alexa, how do you spell rhythm?”

Do more with skills.

Find and add skills in the Alexa app to make life easier, then just ask out loud to order flowers, play games, check your bank account balance and so much more.

“Alexa, start 7-minute workout.”

“Alexa, open Domino’s and place an order.”

“Alexa, what are your new skills?”

It gets better.

Since Sonos is continually updating with new features, services and skills, both your music and voice options will keep getting better over time.

How do I get started?


Sonos has speakers to fit any size room or budget. Find the one that’s right for you.


Why Sonos speakers?

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Upgrade your stereo

With a Sonos Connect or Connect:Amp, you can instantly convert your existing speakers, stereo systems and home theatre setups into full-fledged, easy-to-use music streaming systems.


Which one do you need?

Home theatre for music lovers.

Epic sound for all your films, games and TV shows. And it streams music, too. For those times when all you need is a good tune.




Sonos Beam

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or 4 payments of $134.78 with Afterpay


Sound for music

    Sound for TV

    Upgrade your Stereo